Frequently Asked Questions

Our office’s payment depends on the nature of the case and it is defined after we have agreed with the client. It can be agreed either at a flat rate, or it can be connected with the result so it is determined in percentage (reward success rate), which is onlypaid if the case has a beneficial result for the customer. In any case the charges are known and agreed upon.
Regardless of the agreed payment, the costs of handling the case are charged and prepaid by the customer. In each case the customer is fully informed of the total amount of the cost, at least approximately.
If another law firm handled your case before our office undertakes it you will need a letter from the colleague who handled your case stating that he delivers you the file and has no financial requirement for handling it. These are explicit requirements by the Code of Lawyers.
In the Greek law,alternative ways of dispute resolution have already been integrated, such as mediation, arbitration, Judicial Mediation and Compromise Settlement of the dispute. Our office colleagues experience in ADR can provide a professional and safe resolution to your dispute in a short period of time and with a lower cost.
The answer to the question depends on the case. Generally, the Administrative and Criminal courts, except for flagrant offences, take longer for final arrangement than Political (Municipal) Courts where the time has improved in the recent years. With the last amendment of the Policy Procedure Code, cases which are heard during the regular procedure and include various property disputes are judged much sooner compared to previous years. The same applies to special procedures, including law 3869/2010 which concerns the indebted households.
Firstly, during the submission of the request you shouldn’t have a commercial status , even though there is scope for those who are merchants to be subjected under conditions to the law. To save your main residence there are a number of conditions to be satisfied. Our office has the experience of similar cases since the establishment of the law.
During the years 2006-2009, when the euro/swiss franc was at favorable levels ( about 1.60 ), many borrowers received mortgages in Swiss Francs, or even turned their mortgages that were already borrowed in euros to Swiss Francs in order to ensure a lower interest rate ( libor ) and therefore a lower monthly installment.When the euro began to devaluate towards the Swiss Franc in 2010 and the rate stood at levels below 1.50, reaching even 0.98, borrowers were led to a large increase of the monthly installment of the loan, which tossed the family budget, while the balance of their loan after years of payments not only did not decrease over the years but instead exceeded the amount that had been originally received.

Our firm has handled similar cases and already, the first favorable judicial decisions both by various Greek courts and the Court of Justice have been issued.

The Code of Conduct of Banking Institutions established by law no. 4224/2013 and its provisions apply to all credit institutions established in Greece and branches of foreign banks established in our country, includes regulation options for borrowers which include both natural persons (individuals and professionals) and legal persons, even very small companies, with an average turnover of the last 3 years up to 1,000,000 euros. Our firm and its partners can assist you in this process, while preparing the proposed financial plan work with skilled-economic consultants and accountants.
A full evaluation of the case can be made only after a personal communication and our disposal all of the documents associated with it. If we, then, receive instructions in handling your case, the cost of evaluation will be deducted from the agreed fee of our office. In any other case the charges are based on the working hours of the partners of our firm, in line with what is stipulated by the Bar Code.
The office works daily from 9am to 7pm. You can reach us during working hours with our secretary to make an appointment. It would be advisable to have all the documents that you think will help us analyze the case and its parameters. For extensive cases requiring immediate handling you can call the mobile number 6973 02 20 02.
«ἔστω δὴ ἡ ῥητορικὴ δύναμις περὶ ἕκαστον τοῦ θεωρῆσαι τὸ ἐνδεχόμενον πιθανόν.»